Monday, 11 April 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Why My Little Pony is the success it is

My Little Pony was rebooted in 2010. It had a huge marketing campaign from Hasbro and has since had comics, toys, clothing and more. As it hits it's 6th season and 121st episode, we take a look as to why it's become such a phenomenon across the globe and resonated with fans both male and female, especially adults.

The show was created by Lauren Faust, best known for her work on Power Puff Girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, both shows were highly rated and critically acclaimed works. When My Little Pony hit the internet and the Hub, the show was a hit with fans. Many of them being older fans who'd grown up with the show back in it's 1980s incarnation and being part of the Sunbow Universe with GI Joe, Transformers and Inhumanoids. 

Many people have credited the success to the fact that while the show does teach about love, tolerance and respect, it doesn't beat it into the heads of the viewer. They also cite the fact that the show has many reference to adult themed TV shows and movies like Predator, Poltergeist, Big Lebowski and modern pop culture like Katy Perry and Bridesmaids. The fact that the show teaches the viewer that problems can be solved though other means, other than violence as shown in other cartoons. The big names in the voice cast to name but a few other reasons. Also, IDW has stated that the monthly MLP comic is the second biggest selling comic in their inventory, just behind The Walking Dead. 

It's a show that a geek parent can enjoy with their kids and this has translated into the adult market. The references, the animation, the voice acting and the broad appeal that Lauren Faust has added has made this a cartoon series, despite it's flaws and recently becoming a toy commercial, has really made an impact on the cartoon world and has changed things for the forseeable future.