Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Artisan Dino Buckler vs. Legacy Power Morpher

So now that we've got the main pieces out the way, lets take a look at the Dino Buckler and compare it to the Legacy Power Morpher. Right off the bat, we can see that it is exactly the same on the exterior. Same mechanisms, same paint scheme, only difference on the front, we have a shinier chrome on the Japanese Buckler over the dull chrome on the US release. Aside from the stickers, we can also see that the coins are different as well.

The US coin is on the left and the Japanese one on the right. We can see the US coin is a much darker colour scheme overall and has a much darker wash, meaning some of the details are lost. With the lighter paint on the Japanese coin, we can actually see more details. The other thing that's harder to see with these coins is that the Japanese coin is actually slightly thicker.

It's more evident on the backs of the coins, as here we can see the US coin is significantly more hollow than it's Japanese counterpart and the logo isn't as raised. 

This is the US coin inside the Japanese Dino Buckler. It does snap into place and it is fairly secure. But because it's not as thick, it doesn't grip as well and thus, spins around too easy. Shame, as these would have been brilliant if they had been interchangeable.

Moving on to the Dragon Coin vs. Gold Team. Sadly, there is no Tommy morpher yet in the Sentai Artisan line, but who knows, there could be one soon. Aside from the plates, the coins look almost identical. 

Japanese on the left, US on the right. I think in this circumstance, the US one is better because it actually has more detail in the dragon's foot rather than a single piece in the Japanese release and the antique wash looks better. The leather look on the Japanese coins looks really unique. The coin backs are the same.

So there we have it. A look at both. Both the Buckler and the Morpher have their advantages and disadvantages. For a start, the Buckler has the Dino Crystals, but loses points for only having one coin and making people buy a larger set to get all the medals. The US morpher has all 5 coins and a Gold Morpher for Tommy and his 2 coins, but loses points for not including a tribal coin. Once again, it all depends on how much of a collector you are and how well you can justify having another Legacy Morpher in your collection.