Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Bandai Premium Super Sentai Artisan Zyuranger Dino Buckler

Released last month through Bandai Premium, the newest entry into the Super Sentai Artisan line is a Zyuranger Dino Buckler. The front of the box is very different to what we know from the US toys and actually resembles the original 1993 toy. While they look almost identical, the 2016 artisan version omits the Geki image from the top left of the box and has a larger graphic on the bottom showing the morpher in action.

There's nothing on the back of the box except a large graphic of the closed morpher with a gold leaf tyranno coin in the middle. The morpher fades to black on the bottom of it. In the upper and lower corners, there's a logo for Zyuranger and the Super Sentai Artisan logo as well.

The reason the box is so big, is the fact we have a 3 piece plastic tray with a Dino Crystal, the buckle and then the morpher with the dino coin inside. Eagle eyed readers will notice that there's only one coin and yes, you'd be right. There's only ONE coin in this set and it's Tyranno. But don't worry, the coins come in their own Medal Set.

The instructions are mainly in Japanese, but they images make it easy to understand on how to work it. Then again, if you own the Legacy Power Morpher, you already own this.

Lets get this out the way now. The buckle is the exact same piece as the US releases in all 3 Power Morphers. There's nothing different about it.

The new piece in this set is the Dino Crystal. It's a transparent piece of red plastic with a small Tyranno coin glued to the top. The coin itself has a nice antique wash to it that gives it a worn feel, much like the US coins. Sadly, the coin used to cap the gem is NOT metal and infact is plastic.

The included coin is pretty much identical to the standard US Power Coin from the front and features the same brass paint scheme and black wash over the top to give it an antique feel. However, unlike the MMPR logo on the back of the US coins, this one just features a blank background that has a circle and lines going to the middle.

The morpher itself is another reissue of the US Power Morpher and has all the same features as before and looks exactly the same. The only main differences with this one are:, the chrome on the front is very highly polished and very shiny, not unlike the Movie edition morpher. The stickers that say ZYURANGER KYORYU SENTAI on the front and the fact that most of the US sounds are omitted for obvious reasons. The only sounds on this are henshin sounds from the series, featuring a short and a long one from Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters. There's no Zyuranger theme or any other noises.

So that's pretty much it. I paid £145 for the Buckler and Medals set from Stu Hix of Mecha Imports. Sadly, he's no longer in operation, so you'll have to find these on eBay if you really want one. This is me talking honestly. Fans have complained in the past that we have too many Legacy Morphers. This is another one to add to your growing collection. I'd say this is for dead serious and hardcore collectors. The question I ask you is this. Do you really want to spend $150 (£105) on another Legacy Morpher that has different stickers, one coin and only one sound? If the answer is yes, pick it up, if not, then you can skip it, knowing you're not really missing much.