Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Bandai Premium Zyuranger Shugoju Medal Set

Released alongside the Dino Buckler, the Shugoju Medal Set is the boxed set that has all the medals for the morpher in it, but we'll get to that shortly. The front of the box has a large image of Geki, the red ranger in a profile shot against a black background. The upper left corner has a picture of the ZYURANGER logo. On the bottom, we have the logo for the set and the BANDAI logo.

The back of the box is very plain. It's primarily black with some jungle leaves and ferns in the corners. In the middle of the box, there's a large picture of the Tribal coin with the SHUGOJU MEDAL SET underneath. On the very bottom of the box is all the copyright and trademarking information.

The top of the box has pictures of all 7 medals in the set, featuring the Dragon Coin and the Tribal coin, which is a big plus. The only released version was one in an SDCC set and it was rubber.

The outer cover is a cardboard outer sleeve.Sliding that off, there's a black box underneath that opens up. On the lid is a graphic of the 7 medals in this set that are slightly faded against a black background. The rest of the box is black cardboard and very plain, nothing on it.

The coins are in a cardboard tray with a finger hole next to them to flick the coins out. They are made of the same die cast metal with a brass finish and painted in the same black paint wash as the US releases, giving them an antique finish

The coin is the same as the one from the Buckler and the US set. It's brass style with a black wash. The back of the coin has the Zyuranger logo and a large Z logo on the back. All the coins have this back.

The set is the only way to get all the other medals. Only downside is you now have 2 Tyranno Medals, but that doesn't really matter too much. Overall, it's a nice set and I do like it, but as with the Buckler, it's hard to really justify this as a purchase, especially if you already own all the previously released Legacy Power Morphers. The only differences here being a different back and the inclusion of the Tribal Medal. You can find this set online pretty easily and as part of the bundles online.