Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Battleborn Character Cards

Battleborn is an upcoming release by Gearbox and 2K games, made by the same people who made Borderlands. The main object of the game is a first person shooter MOBA style game, where players can pick a variety of characters with different skills and abilities and battle against each other. It's due for release on May 3rd on PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4.

As part of the promotion for the game, many retailers in the UK gave away promotional packets of trading cards. Each pack contains 4 cards. The pack is a standard foil packet not unlike any Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh card pack. The front showcases artwork of the characters in the game.

The back of the package is plain silver. The upper half has all the copyright information regarding the cards and the video game. The lower half explains there are 31 cards in the collection and it tells people to go visit 2K games on social media to learn more.

So this is what we get in each packet. 3 cards showing all the characters in the game, their classes and a brief bio of each character. Then we get an art card that when put together, has a large image of all the Battleborn characters in action. 

The cards all have this, which features an in game graphic of the character in question, their class, race and name. On the back of the card, we get a graphic if rhe character in action and run down of their profile. We see there are 25 character cards. The remaining ones being taken up by the art cards.

Each art card features a piece of the final picture, meaning collectors need all 6 cards to finish it. The artwork is nice on the front and on the back, all the cards feature the same blurb about the game, it's features and what we can expect.

Here's an almost finished piece on what the artwork looks like. Sadly, I am missing the final piece. If anyone out there is interested in getting these cards, they are readily and easily available to find on the secondary market, so chances are you can track them down and if you live outside the UK, then importing them will be your only option.