Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Captain America II - Death Too Soon (1979)

In November 1979, CBS aired a sequel to Captain America, called Captain America II - Death Too Soon. It was directed by Ivan Nagy and brings back Reb Brown in the role of Steve Rogers. It was broken into two 45 minute movies when it first aired on TV.

Steve is now making a living working as an artist on a SoCal beach, He's sketching an elderly woman by the name of Mrs. Shaw. He learns from her that there's a street gang that mugs old ladies of the Social Security checks, leaving them terrified to leave the house and to go shopping. Steve concocts a plan to put a stop to this gang once and for all. With the help of Mrs. Shaw, he takes down one thug in an alley with his shield and then chases another thug down the beach. 

Back at the NSL Research Lab, Steve is informed that a famous microbiologist has been captured by a notorious terrorist by the name of General Miguel (played by Christopher Lee). Ilson. the microbiologist that was kidnapped, has created a formula that increases aging. Posing as the warden of a prison in Oregon, Miguel plans to use the formula to hold the US to ransom in exchange for a billion dollars. 

Cap goes on the hunt for the missing piece of the puzzle, which is a chemical needed to make the formula work. The first part of this task takes him to the docks, where the chemical needed is being smuggled in from Ecuador. He fights a bunch of dockworkers in the employ of Miguel, finding out he's too late and the chemical has already been offloaded. This leads him to the town of Belleville, where he's attacked by Miguel's thugs and arrested on trumped up charges. Steve makes his escape from Belleville. He evades Migue's thugs by jumping off the side of a dam.

The US president states that they won't be dealing with terrorists. In retaliation, Miguel hires one of his henchmen to skywrite "SMILE". Meanwhile, Steve has located Miguel's hidden base inside the prison in Oregon and launches his assault. Realising Miguel has escaped, Cap gives chase and catches up to Miguel. Miguel tries to throw the aging formula on Cap, who blocks it with his shield, showering Miguel in the formula, aging him to death rapidly. Mills has already obtained the antidote to the formula and sprays the city as the movie ends.

Even though it takes a more comic themed approach and has a more accurate costume, it actually is slightly better than the first one. This has more of that 1970s cheese and campness to it and we actually see Cap in a more accurate costume and actually fighting criminals. The movie is available on DVD in both Europe and the US.