Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Captain America Civil War Movie Special Magazine

The Captain America: Civil War Official Movie Special was released by Panini Magazines in 2016. It's part of the UK's promotional campaign for the upcoming Civil War Movie. The cover features Cap and Iron Man locked in battle while promoting the content in the magazine.

It runs for 65 pages that features a comic strip that serves as a prequel to the movie. Interviews with the cast and crew of the movie. A concept art gallery and several posters for fans to pull out and put on their wall, but most probably won't, wanting to keep this magazine in mint condition. It also comes with a starter set of the Captain America: Civil War sticker album and a packet of stickers to get collectors started.

As value for money goes, I'd say the £4.99 is worth it. You're getting a full magazine at 65 pages and a £2.50 sticker album and packet of stickers for one price. If you live in the UK and can find this, or maybe even find a way to import it, I'd say so. My only real complaint is that the interviews are rather basic and don't contain any new info than what we've already heard in previous interviews and on the internet.