Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Captain America Civil War Sticker Album

Released earlier this month via Panini, the Captain America Civil War Sticker Album is the latest promotional tool in the UK's arsenal for the movie. The sticker album usually costs £1.80 from newsagents and stores, however, as this was part of the Official Movie Souvenir Magazine bundle, it was given away for free.

The front of the album contains artwork for the movie. In this case, team Cap vs. Team Iron Man facing off against each other. I believe this is one of the posters for the movie. 

If any of you out there ever collected sticker albums in the past, you'll know what you're getting. If not, well, the first half of the album is a condensed retelling of the movie with the stickers being the pictures from the movie. I haven't put any up as they would be considered spoilers for what happens in the movie and it isn't even out yet. The rest of the album is made up of promotional material for the movie, showing the cast and villains.

Stickers come in these packs. Each packet is 50p and contains six stickers to put inside your album. Once you get to a certain state, you can send off for up to 40 of the remaining stickers you need to finish your collection at a price of 14p per sticker. 

I'd personally recommend this collection for any fans of stickers and collecting. It's a popular franchise. It's also a great way for geeky parents and kids to connect over collecting these stickers and finishing a collection, especially one based on Marvel comics. It's affordable for the album itself and it comes with a set of six stickers inside to start you off on your journey.  Packs only cost 50p, so for most children, it's within their pocket money range