Friday, 15 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney's Magic Kingdoms

Last week, Gameloft teamed up with Disney to produce Disney's Magic Kingdoms. On the surface, it may look like any other Town Building Sim, but this is one with a difference. In this, you play as a plethora of Disney characters who are trying to remove the Darkness from the Magic Kingdom theme park in California. It was released for Android and iOS platforms

This game is freemium, so one again, you can grind for currency, in this case Gems to get the premium characters and decorations, or you can spend real money to get them. The cast includes Disney favourites, but also has expansions for Pixar characters from Toy Story, Wall-E, Tangled, Monsters Inc and more. 

Like all town builders, the object is to send characters on tasks to get magic to unlock new areas. However, the big difference here is that players are required to collect items and spend magic levelling up their characters to get better tasks and earn more magic. Players can also send out parades to entertain the crowds and grant wishes, by tapping the thought bubbles above children's heads and sending them to do the the required task to earn happiness. Happiness is used to earn more items and get bonuses.

The app is now live on android and iOS. I played this game and have become addicted to it. It's charming, bright and colourful. If adults who love Disney can get lost in it's magical worlds, I;m sure adults can and will as well