Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Hasbro The Force Awakens Armor Up FN-2187 (Finn)

The Armor Up FN-2187 was released in 2015 as part of the The Force Awakens deluxe toy line. The front of the box features the same Kylo Ren image as is on all toys. Underneath that is a large graphic of John Boyega as FN-2187 in his Stormtrooper armour, minus the helmet. Next to that is a large window where the figure and the armour piece can be seen.

The back of the box shows off other Armor Up figures in this wave and a large graphic of FN-2187 in his armoured up form, with the heavy combat armour on. His blurb reads:

After his first taste of combat during a brutal First Order night assault on a Jakku village, Stormtrooper FN-2187 defects from Kylo Ren's forces, becoming a fugitive.

Underneath all that is the copyright information and warnings about choking hazards.

There's not much on the sides of the boxes, just FN-2187's elbow on the left hand side and a logo for the Desert themed figures on the right hand side.

Taking the figure out of the box, we can see that he has a red cardboard insert behind him and then the large plastic tray that houses the figure and the armour up piece. Sadly, this set is wasted as there is a large amount of real estate on the tray unused that could easily house more pieces to the set or another accessory.

FN-2187 has an instruction sheet. Sadly, you can't put the armour pieces on over the top of FN-2187 while he's wearing the trooper vest.

But here he is out the box. He has five points of articulation like all figures. He moves at the neck, shoulders and hips. The hip articulation is slightly impeded by the belt piece. He's made from the arms and legs of the Stormtrooper from the earlier wave and actually features the same cut on the thigh to store his blaster rifle. The likeness to John Boyega is actually pretty good on this figure. Instead of a cheery face, he has a grim determination look to him, almost a scowl.

His other accessory is a First Order blaster, which is white plastic and has black painted details on the grip, barrel, scope and stock. It's well detailed and the paint applications actually make it stand out.

To use the Armor Up feature, simply lift off the stormtrooper vest. Underneath he's wearing a black t-shirt, much like on other figures of Finn post this scene.

FN-2187's trooper vest is made of a very soft rubbery plastic. It isn't secured by the usual clips. There isn't that many details on it at all, mainly the belt, which isn't painted either and is all white.

His Armour Up piece is unique. It's a First Order helmet on what looks like football shoulder pads, with armour underneath and a belt. On the shoulder is a gatling gun that raises and lowers. 

Hasbro did an interesting and great job of taking an existing character, putting a new spin on it and making something big out of it. Sure, the Gatling gun suit didn't appear in the movie and for some fans, it doesn't fit FN-2187's motif, but it looks great.

Overall, I quite like this figure. He has a lot of play value over all, even if he is based on the Escape with Poe scenes and early scenes on Jakku post crash. The removable armour pieces allow kids to recreate Finn stripping his armour off as he walks through the desert. There's even the option to put the big armour on him and make him out to be a generic Heavy Weapons trooper if one so wished. Or you could get the Armor Up Poe and put him in the First Order TIE Fighter and re-create the escape scenes. The paint apps are great, the likeness is one of the better ones. The accessories are unique enough to be interesting. I picked this FN-2187 figure up from Tesco for £12.