Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ivy Doomkitty - The Many Faces of Doom

In 2015, world renowned and cosplay icon Ivy Doomkitty released a coffee table book called The Many Faces of Doom. Now, this book is a collection of selfies and other pictures she has taken whilst at home or at cons that either didn't make it to her social media accounts or made as a print. Art was done by Scott Blair and features Ivy in Steampunk attire and her her cat, Gandalf in the corner pulling a face. 

In it's initial printing run, a limited number were sold that came with a sticker of Ivy as M. Bison and a limited edition 8x10 of Ivy that was signed. Sadly, these are all sold out and only the standard version is available for sale.

The back of the book has a shot of Ivy Doomkitty, a blurb about the book and a blurb about her in general. The book contains 28 pages of photos that were requested by fans to be prints, but weren't, now they're collected in this book for all to see.

The first page of the book is a signed introduction. She thanks fans for wanting the book and being supportive of her pet cat Gandalf, who was sick at the time, but has sadly passed on now.

As for the actual book, I won't be printing each page, but this is merely a sample of 2 pages. This is essentially it, 28 pages of selfies from various cons across the globe, Ivy in and out of costume in the shots. Not only does it contain selfies, but images from fans and a few photography shots.

If you're interested, you can buy the book here. Overall, the book is well constructed and the pages feel nice. There's no real issues with that. It's just a little bigger than an 8x10 and can be personalised at the check out.