Monday, 4 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mattel Batman v. Superman Armoured Batman

Released earlier this year, as part of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toy line, we have a Batman figure based on his armoured appearance from the movie. The front of the card has artwork of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in their respective roles as Batman and Superman. There's a large BVS logo and then a larger window to see the figure inside with his single accessory.

There's not much on the back of the box, other than a picture of the figure with their accessory and a bunch of copyright information, trademarking and other legal stuff. On the right hand side of the card, we have a look at the other figures in the line, including Superman with a shield, Batman with a grappling hook and Batman with kryptonite blades.

The card itself is also very plain once the figure has been removed. Underneath all the logos is a plain cityscape that could be either Gotham or Metropolis.

Removing Batman from his packaging, he stands at 6 inches tall from head to foot and is in a grey armoured suit for fightin Superman in the infamous "Do you bleed?" clip. Articulation is neck, shoulder, bicep, hips and knees. The thick armour does inhibit movement a bit, as does the cheap vinyl cape glued to the back. There isn't much of a likeness to Ben Affleck on this one, as most of his face is obscured by the helmet.

His lone accessory is a grenade launcher. It doesn't fit very well in his hand and needs some jiggling around to get it looking straight in his hand. He doesn't come with anything else.

Tesco were selling this figure on clearance for £5 and honestly, I feel ripped off at that price. The articulation is poor, considering what we've seen from Mattel previously, just look at Masters of the Universe Classics, Ghostbusters and the upcoming Thundercats line. It's 6 inch scale and is amazingly articulated and detailed. This is poor work. The cheap vinyl cape, cheap construction and the fact it's hollow. To be honest, it feels like a cheap knock off rather than an officially licensed product. If you find this, avoid it and don't bother. Even hardcore bat-fans will find trouble trying like something out of this figure.