Monday, 4 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mattel Batman v. Superman 6 Inch Aquaman

Despite being in the movie for all of 10 seconds, the Prince of Atlantis gets his action figure treatment in six inch scale. Will he fare any better than The Dark Knight?  The card is standard, only difference is there's a figure of Aquaman,

Back of the card shows Aquaman posing with his trident. Same legal jargon all over the card for trademarking, copyrights, safety certificates and more, in English and other languages. On the side bar, only the Superman figure is different, this time he's wearing Kryptonian Battle Armour, much like Zod and carrying a battle axe. The Batman figures are the same.

Taking the figure out of the packaging, he's in the same scale as the Batman figure. He's wearing a golden shoulder pad with straps going down to his belt. Gold bracers, metallic green tights with a knife sheath on his hip, an Aquaman logo on his belt and gold boots. The likeness to Jason Momoa is actually pretty good in this six inch scale. 

His lone accessory is his gold trident. His articulation is already much better than Batman. He moves at the neck, shoulders, biceps, hips and knees. The neck articulation is only hindered slightly because of the hair and the left arm is hindered by the shoulder pad, but otherwise, he has decent articulation and looks great posing it.

Tesco are currently clearancing their Batman vs. Superman toys. I paid £5 for him and I've gotta say I'm more impressed with this one than I was with Batman. The paint apps look nicer, the tattoos on his chest came out great and the articulation, while hindered slightly are more in line with what we've come to expect from Mattel these past few years and I do recommend this figure.