Thursday, 28 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power of the Jedi Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion)

This is one of those Star Wars figures that makes you wonder just what Hasbro were thinking back in the year 2000. What we have here is Power of the Jedi Chewbacca (Dejarik Champion), released in the second wave of figures in 2000. The front of the card features all new artwork for the series, which as Episode 1 Obi-Wan jumping infront of Darth Vader. The card is green and has 2 windows for the new Jedi Force File and the figure itself. We'll get to that pose in a short while.

The back of the card features a checklist of figures in this wave and the previous one. The figures are mainly from the prequels as episode 1 was still being promoted. The blurb talks about bringing everyone's favourite characters out as action figures and on the bottom of the card is all the copyright and trademarking information.

This is why the figure is quite derided by fans as being stupid and goofy. It's clearly based on the scene in A New Hope when Chewie and R2 are playing Dejarik and Han warns them about not upsetting the wookie, However, taking the figure out of the packaging, we have Chewie posed in either a dance move or doing his best sexy pose. He has 5 points of articulation. He can bend slightly in the shoulders. He can twist at the waist. He be put in a sitting position. 

His main accessory is the Dejarik Table. He can sit in the seat and you could put an R2 figure infront of it. The table is nicely molded with a control panel on the front. It has black and white play field and translucent orange plastic figures on the table engaged in combat. 

Sat at his table, he actually looks better and more the part compared to the movie. It strikes me as odd that Hasbro actually made the decision to make this particular scene as an action figure. Aside from the really strange pose he makes while stood up, the new sculpting process actually makes him look rather scrawny and not as large and as imposing as Chewie should be.

All of the figures in the POTJ line came with a little collectors booklet called Jedi Force File. It was a fold out sheet that contained some information about the character, the movie and the scenes they're based off. On the cover here, we can see Chewie playing a game of Dejarik and planning his next move.

The booklet folds out and is double sided. In this instance, it's a run down of Mos Eisley scenes in ANH. A look at characters he allied with, with his enemies being Greedo and Stormtroopers. There's also a little bio for him and stats we already know.

The other side of the page has information about his skills, similar to a Transformers tech spech card. His skills in Dejarik, use of a bowcaster and his muscles. A look at his bandolier, a hydrospanner and his bowcaster. The final piece is a brief rundown of the Falcon and Dejarik itself. The final page is a cut out application form for the Jedi Quest Kid's Club.

This figure is definitely an interesting oddity in the world of Star Wars toys. It's strange Hasbro would pick this scene to base a figure on. The off proportions and the strange standing pose make this one a difficult one for fans to put in their collection. Other than being sat at the table, he can't really work outside it. He sells for 12-20 on the secondary market.