Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Mixx N Morph Green Tiger Rangerzord

Released in November of 2015 for the UK, the Green Tiger Rangerzord is a very unique figure in the Power Rangers Mixx N Morph line. The front of the card has a generic POWER RANGERS logo in the upper left corner. The figure has a large window in the middle to show the figure and the parts. The rest of the card shows what you can make with these parts and other pieces from other figures.

The back of the box shows other toys in this line, including Rexy, White Ranger, Gold Samurai, Black Rexy, Claw BattleZord in purple and some Dino charge figures. The large graphic in the middle shows what can be done with the figures in this wave.

The inner tray has all the pieces in there, but he's disassembled, leaving only the head, torso, legs and right arm assembled. All the pieces are on ball joints which allows them to be popped off, swapped out and replaced with any other piece from this line. It'd probably also work with the many other constructable action figure likes like Hero Mashers or the WWE ones.

Also included in the card is an instruction sheet that tells you how to fully transform the figure and put all the pieces on. The instructions can also work for the other figures and their pieces.

Taking the figure out of the tray and assembling him, he was very easy to put together and pose. The ball joints give an amazing amount of articulation, effectively making every joint a ball joint. This is the white tigerzord painted in green, black and gold, resembling the green ranger's Dragonzord from Mighty Morphin. The other interesting deal they gave him was Wolverine style claws on his hand. 

His main accessory is the Tiger Sword painted green and silver. It has a ball joint on it, allowing it to be attached to any joint to be a weapon or even a tail. 

The Tigerzord can hold the weapon in either of his hands and it fits quite well, The grip is strong and it doesn't seem to want to fall out so easily. It can take some adjustment and wiggling to get a decent grip on it though. As for storage, there's plenty of space on the back of the figure, with 2 holes at his shoulders, one on his backside and the other two behind each of the shoulders.

One last final cool detail. His belt says PR with a lightning bolt on it. An interesting design choice. I was able to pick this up for £5 from Tesco as they were on clearance. It's an interesting figure and I quite like it. The design choice mixes 2 well known and popular rangers into one figure. The gimmick works great for fans of this particular gimmick and being able to create your own character out of bits and pieces of Power Rangers' rich, 20 year history. Definitely worth adding to your collection based on uniqueness alone.