Sunday, 3 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Rush: 2112 40th Anniversary (The other tracks)

While 2112 may have been the title track and have taken up an entire side of the LP, Other tracks on this album are:

02 - A Passage to Bangkok

This track is an interesting one. Alex Lifeson peppers the song with Eastern style riffs and it works great. The track in itself is themed around drug tourism, especially Cannabis and Opioids. The first half of the track mentions going to Bogota to check the fields, then "pipe dreams" in Jamaica and then onto Acapulco for "Golden Nights". The song then moves on to the Far Eastern side of drug tourism, talking bout Opoids from Lebanon, Afghanistan and Nepal.

03 - Twilight Zone

This song is based on the Rod Serling TV series. In particularly, two episodes that are "Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?" for the first verse, in reference to the Martian that removes his hat and he has three eyes, one in the middle of his forehead. The second verse is a reference to the episode "Stopover in a Quiet Town", which references the fact they sing about waking up in an empty town and then a giant boy decides you are his new plaything.

04 - Lessons

Lessons is a short track that talks about life in general and talking about remembering the lessons life taught you and listen to those lessons, applying them in the future.

05 - Tears

This song is a rather emotional one, considered by fans to be the weakest on the album. The song deals with crying to touch the soul.

06 - Something For Nothing

This track is based off some graffiti that Neil Peart saw once, that said "something for nothing", now compared to other tracks from Rush that seem to promote the idea of visions and dreams being an important part of life, Something For Nothing turns that right around and dumps it on it's head, reminding the listener that if they want anything out of life, they must go out and earn it, laying in bed and dreaming won't get it, neither will waiting for someone else to offer the opportunity