Saturday, 23 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Secret World of LEGO

The Secret World of LEGO is a documentary series created by Channel 4 in the UK and broadcast today (23rd April). It had previously aired in 2015. It ran for 45 minutes and was directed by Christian Trumble. 

The documentary itself is a multi part story. The first part is a look behind the scenes with Mark, who is VP of Design and with Roar, LEGO's reputation manager. The next part of the documentary follows Justin, who is after a job with LEGO. There's also a story with Mark and Tom, who are AFOLS (Adult Fans of LEGO), who wanted to make their own magazine for adult fans called Brick Culture.  It also takes a look inside the London office and even a look with a man called Tom, who was had his own custom made birds made into an official set.

The documentary starts off with a brief history of LEGO, one which any hardcore fan knows or any casual has probably looked up by now as well. It also shows a story from Cornwall, where a container ship ran aground in 1997 and numerous LEGO sets were lost at sea, now they're still being washed up on the coast of Cornwall, which has attracted fans from across the globe.

I really enjoyed this documentary. It offers a fascinating insight into how LEGO works behind closed doors, how the staff on all levels do their jobs and interact with each other. It shows what;s needed to get a job working for the LEGO group and that LEGO is a product designed for all ages, regardless of what it is and that adult fans enjoy it just as much as children do. 

You can watch the documentary here and anyone interested in Bricks Culture can subscribe or order back issues here