Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Small Town

Small Town is a comic written by Dakota Stoops, art by Colton Begley and coloured by Rees Finlay. It was published by Damn Dirty comics and is available now. 

The plot revolves around beings from another planet that are on a mission to infiltrate mankind and then dominate and destroy them. If you had this power, what would you do? would you go straight for the top or impersonate a celebrity? or as this comic suggests, what if you went in through the back door and infiltrated a small farming town in the backwoods of the US? 

Our story starts with as of yet unnamed individual who laments about his life in the small town he's in. He laments about the people in the town and how they never change, be they rednecks or nerds with an identity crisis. He mentions the town he's in has more cows than people.

A meteor crashes into a farm where a cow investigates it. Our main character is drinking moonshine, talking about how things are going to change and it's time for a fresh perspective. He appears to take off into the sky as a cow licks the meteor and appears to go insane. 

As a set up, it works. It's only a handful of pages and it sets everything up. A mysterious individual and an even more mysterious meteorite that sends people insane. Who is he? What's the deal with meteor? We have questions and we hope they'll all be answered in the up coming issues of Small Town.

If you are interested in a copy of Small Town or any other projects that Rees has done, you can pick them up from the Damn Dirty Comics Store