Friday, 22 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Fox Zero - The Battle Begins

On April 20th, Nintendo unveiled the new Star Fox Zero prequel. It was animated using both traditional animation and CGI, done by Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell) and Wit Studios (Owari No Seraph). It runs for 15 minutes and can be found here.

The odd thing to note in the ending credits, there's no cast list. But there are a lot of references to past games, including Falco playing Star Fox on the SNES, sound effects from the SNES and N64, plus sound clips from Peppy saying "Do a barrel roll" taken directly from the game. It serves as a prequel and introduction to the new rebooted timeline for the Star Fox games. 

The plot revolves around Andross on Venom, who wants to capture General Pepper, for exiling him. He sends a squad of robots to Corneria via a teleporter to capture him. The Star Fox team is scrambled to Corneria to not only defeat the army attacking Corneria, but save General Pepper. Through Slippy Toad's quick thinking, the General is safe. The team fights back against Andross' army and save Corneria. However, Peppy is harbouring a dark secret that noone must know. What could it be?

Fans of Star Fox are wishing that this could be the start of a new Star Fox animated series, and I agree as it's fantastically written and animated. It's dubbed in English, which might turn off a lot of fans, but it's definitely worth the 15 minutes of your time