Monday, 11 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Tours (Original)

Back in the early 80s, Disney originally had plans to make a simulator ride based on The Black Hole. The project was scrapped after it was going to cost $50 million and the movie hadn't done so well. However, after the success of Captain EO, Disney asked George Lucas to make Star Tours, a ride based on the popular Star Wars Universe.

The plot of the ride is a leisurely flight aboard a Starspeeder 3000 towards Endor. The ride opens with a brief inflight safety video featuring classic Star Wars aliens. The Captain Rex (voiced by Paul Reubens) is loaded into the Starspeeder. After making some errors and crashing through a maintenance door and almost colliding with a mechanical arm, the speeder escapes and makes the jump to lightspeed. 

After making the jump, the speeder exits into a comet cluster. After getting bashed around and escaping one of the larger ones, the speeder gets trapped in a tractor beam set by the Imperial Remnant's Star Destroyer. A New Republic X-Wing saves the speeder and it escapes once again, only to be caught in the battle between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant over the Death Star III. The Speeder and Rex join the fight, helping the New Republic destroy the Death Star III and once that;s done, the speeder makes the jump back to lightspeed again.

The ship appears at the dock above Endor and comes to a screeching halt, almost colliding with a fuel tanker and causing an employee to dive for cover under his desk. Rex apologises for the near fatal flight and C-3PO instructs the passengers on flight debriefing. 

The attraction ran from 1987 - 2011, 2016 in France. Sadly, the footage is no longer being used, as it has all been replaced with all new ones for the Star Tours -The Adventures Continue as of 2011. The only way to see the original footage is now via youtube.