Sunday, 17 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Trek Timelines

Released earlier this year for Android and iOS platforms, Star Trek Timelines is a very unique strategy game. The plot for this game revolves around parallel universes colliding and spilling over, creating a universal crisis that needs to be fixed. Fortunately, the universe is in the capable hands of Starfleet and every single character from every single timeline. Yes, that's right.

Players start off the game in a Constellation class starship, not unlike the USS Stargazer, when the ship is ambushed by two Romulan Warbirds. They are mysteriously joined by the original Enterprise, which helps destroy one, but then the Enterprise is destroyed by the second. Flying to the planet Alpha Ceti V, players learn what is causing the disturbance.

Each character that players can get through the time hole has various skills that are needed in missions. The skills are Command, Diplomacy, Engineering, Medicine and Science. It's up to the player to balance the crew members around the mission. You can upgrade them with new items and through training. Most of the away team missions play like abridged episodes and the outcome is determined by your actions.

One of the biggest selling points is that the game features ship to ship combat. This however means that you select two crew members to act as your helm and they activate special abilities for your ship and it simply means tapping them as they cool down.

The only real downside to this game so far is the expensive side of things in terms of this being a freemium game. Expect to spend $20 or more getting any decent crew members and $100 or more getting the decent ships. If you can look past that, then you'll find that this is actually a very fun game that makes the player think and puts the player in the captain's shoes.