Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thomas Timberwolf

Thomas Timberwolf was a series of short flash animations done by veteran animator Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble. Both of them had had a lot of prior success on the Loony Tunes shorts. This is no exception. The cast includes Joe Alaskey as Thomas T. Wolf and Nancy Cartwright as Earl Squirrel

Thomas Timberwolf is 13 episodes and was available on Cartoon Network for a brief period. Now, Cartoon Network wasn;t sold on the character, but went ahead with it as it had Chuck Jones on it. As soon as he died in 2002, Cartoon Network pulled the Thomas Timberwolf flash animations from their site. Thankfully, a dedicated individual has saved these 13 shorts and are up for free and can be seen here.

Like all good Loony Tunes shorts, Thomas Timberwolf has a themed episode, Thomas himself is a Southern gentleman, although he can't say his middle name of "Timber", as it causes him to bellow it and a tree falling on his head. He even has the same problem when he has the hiccups. Earl is his friend/adversary, first seen in the first episode, trying to claim a $100 bounty on Thomas's tail.

If you're a fan of these types of shorts, then check them out, as they are really funny and spread the word, This is one obscure cartoon character that needs to be out there.