Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go! FAB 1

Released earlier this year as part of the 2nd wave of 6 inch vehicles. The first one off the starting block is Lady Penelope's FAB 1. It comes in the same standard packaging as all the 6 inch vehicles. The package is open, allowing children to touch the boot of the car to activate a plethora of sound effects, which we'll get to later. The top of the package shares the same THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! logo with all 5 Tracy brothers with their respective colours behind them. The side of the packaging is pink with CGI models of Lady Penelope and Parker.

The back of the box shows more pictures of the FAB 1 toy. It also repeats the THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! logo in the top corner. There's a bio card for FAB 1, running down all the in show features on speed, weapons and capabilities within the show. It also shows how to activate the sounds and extend the wings. There's also a look at the other toys available now in stores and on the bottom, there's copyright information regarding the toy and the TV series.

Taking the vehicle out of the box, it measures 5 and a half inches from nose to tail. It features a 6x6 layout. Maybe in reference to Dinky and Matchbox, the cockpit is empty, showing no sign of Lady Penelope in the back seat or Parker driving. It's an updated version of the classic Rolls Royce we know and love. The rounded bubble canopy is still present, the only difference here is the car now has a silver stripe going down the bonnet and over the boot. Sadly, unlike the original toys, the front grille does NOT drop down and fire a missile. pushing down on the boot activates the following sounds:
  • Car starting sounds
  • Flight sounds
  • Parker: "I believe we've got company, M'lady"
  • Lady P: "Turn the car around Parker. I have some International Rescue business to attend to"

Pushing down on the bubble canopy flicks out the flight wings from the underside of the car. This is a feature that has turned many of the fans away from the series, but I think it's an interesting concept of having FAB 1 being able to take Lady Penelope anywhere she's needed, via land, sea or air. The wings are spring loaded and feel strong, so they won't break easily. There's even a silver band on the leading edge of the wing.

Flipping FAB 1 upside down, there's actually plenty of details on the underside, which is great. They've molded on the front and rear axles and exhaust pipes which have been painted silver as well. Here, we can see where the wings fold in on the underside.

Depending on how much of a fan you are of the new series in general can be make or break for FAB 1. I picked this up today from the Entertainer for £10. I feel that even in this 6 inch scale, that's a little too much. The electronics are nice, it's nicely sculpted and painted, but there's too much missing here to make it worth the money in my opinion. The flip out wings are nice, but we should have had opening doors with figures molded in, more weapons available. Even the Corgi model had the rear harpoons visible and the flip down grille. As always, your mileage may vary