Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Are Modern Geeks too spoiled and entitled?

The recent hate towards Marvel Comics and James Rolfe (AVGN) has really got me wondering something. Are we, as modern geeks becoming too entitled? This one won't be about sexism or anything like that, more what we Geeks are demanding from companies. 

Last week, James Rolfe put up a video on his Cinemassacre channel stating that he wasn't going to review Paul Feig's Ghostbusters movie, much less go and see it. In the following 6 minutes, his reasoning is that it isn't the Ghostbusters movie that HE wanted. He also states that children today will be more familiar with Feig's Ghostbusters than the 1984 original. But this is the key factor which caused the problem. We don't really seem to care if people want to see the movie or not, that's their choice, but the entitlement was there, it's not the Ghostbusters movie he wanted, as if Sony are making personalised movies, just for him. He wants to see the Original Cast come back and hand over to the new team. 

Rolfe was considered a misogynist and a social justice warrior for his comments, but I don't believe that's true. That's just the internet hate machine calling anyone who bad mouths this movie a misogynist. He hasn't even seen it yet, but has already written off the movie as crap and so bad he won't see it. His opinions are based solely on seeing the two trailers. 

Now on to Marvel. In Captain America: Steve Rogers issue 1, penned by Nick Spencer and drawn by Jesus Saiz, Steve is returned to his former youth and powers by Hydra. It's revealed through flashbacks that a Hydra agent had given Steve's mother Sarah a pamphlet with the Hydra logo on it. We also see Cap throw a colleague out of a plane, then reciting the infamous HAIL HYDRA chant.

This story exploded all over the internet and was being reported by many outlets and had caused outrage. Many people who were expressing outrage hadn't read the comic, but were sending Nick Spenser hate mail and death threats regardless. This isn't the same Captain America comic as we've seen before and it seems many Cap fans are screaming that this isn't the comic they wanted. Well, Marvel ISN'T creating comics for one person's single tastes, they're writing for a giant audience and believe me, the show is getting started with Cap, so rather than keep feeding the hate machine, perhaps it would be wiser to see where the show goes from here.

So that's just two recent examples of Geek Entitlement. There are many more examples over the years of Geeks complaining on the internet that the media they love isn't to their tastes and in fact, they should make it to their tastes. One other example was from 2005, when Paramount showed the designs for the first Bayformers movie and the Transformers G1 fanatics took to the internet to rage that Optimus Prime was a blue long nosed Peterbilt from 2007, NOT a box cab 1980s Freightliner. 

Final thought: we as geeks need to realise that this pointless arguing on the internet and bashing of companies' hard work on bringing us movies, TV shows, video games, board games, toys etc doesn't help anyone. Yes, we can offer constructive criticism towards things, but being all "IT'S NOT MADE HOW I WANT IT TO BE, THEY SHOULD MAKE IT TO MY TASTE" really smacks of being immature.