Monday, 9 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo (Classic Colours)

In September of 2015, Mario celebrated his 30th Anniversary. There were celebrations all over the world for Nintendo's biggest franchise and one of the most instantly recognisable mascots in the world, even more so than Mickey Mouse.

Released as part of the celebrations and as an expansion for Mario Maker, Nintendo released the 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo to the world. It's no secret that Amiibo are incredibly collectible and as a tie in to a popular event and character really helped to sell this toy. The card art shows NES style Mario on the right hand side. with NES graphics dominating the rest of the card. The bubble shows the figure, which is Mario in NES style and NES colours jumping off a warp pipe.

The back of the card shows what the Amiibo figures do for the WiiU and 3DS and how they work. Note: some characters will ONLY work with certain games. The bottom of the card shows what this figure does for Mario Maker. The figure gives the game NES style graphics and puts an NES style Super Mushroom in the game, while giving Mario an NES skin.

The figure stands about 3 inches in height from base to the top of his head. The blocky look to it might not be appealing to everyone. Nintendo's toy division has done a great job of recreating the NES graphic style in a toy form. Up close, I'll admit, it's not very appealing to look at, but to be fair, from a distance, it really does the job of emulating Mario jumping in NES style.

Mario is a really unique figure in it's own right. It's quirky enough. He works with Mario Maker to enhance the game that little bit more. Brand new, he's the same retail price of £15. Though you could probably find him cheaper on the secondary market. I've seen loose examples going for £10 this way.