Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Parks 7 Inch Indiana Jones

Disney and Indiana Jones have been going hand in hand for decades. It would come as no surprise to many collectors that in 2003, Gentle Giant, along with Disney and Lucasfilm released their first large scale Indiana Jones figure in a premium style format.

The first thing many of you may notice is that Indy comes in this oversized bubble card. This is the first mistake, as Mint on Card collectors might find it hard to find one without damage to the card or bubble. The card itself is a yellowish tan colour with a large picture of Indy in the top corner with the logo next to him. The large bubble displays the figure and the accessories contained within, which he has a lot of.

Taking Indy out of the bubble, we can finally see what accessories he comes with. He comes with a 3 piece display base, that has a pile of bricks with some bamboo. His accessories are: his hat, a whip, a gun, sword, antidote vial, Grail Diary and the Fertility Idol. Indy himself is articulated in the neck, shoulders, biceps, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.

Harrison Ford seems to be one of those actors that noone can ever really get right, regardless of the scale used or the company making it, bit in some instances he does come out, otherwise, he can come across as appearing a little caveman like. The five o'clock shadow is a reddish brown tint on the chin, which looks OK from a distance, but horrible up close. In all honesty, he's fine from the waist up, waist down he's bad. The white wash on the trousers don't work, they are meant to simulate wear and tear, but they don't look right and the feet are far too big, making him look like he's wearing clown shoes.

This is a difficult one. He costs $15 from Disney parks, but considering the price it is to get in now, it turns into a real investment to get one. It also depends on how much of a collector you are to really go after this one.