Thursday, 19 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Parks 7 Inch Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom)

Indiana Jones and Disney have always had a close bond. From it's thrilling theme park rides in California, Tokyo, Shanghai and France, to the epic stunt show in Florida, the Man with the Hat has always had a home at the House of Mouse

In 2014, Disney released it's second figure using the Gentle Giant mold. This time, based on the final scenes from Temple of Doom. The packaging is practically the same as the original figure, this time with TEMPLE OF DOOM underneath the logo and the promo photo of Indy with the machete on his shoulder. It has the same large bubble card, rather than the clamshell design.

The back of the card features the same promo photo and the logo. Underneath that is a brief write up of the movie, with a list of accessories. Then a loose promo photo of the completed figure. This appears to be based on a prototype, as the paint schemes don't match up to the finished product.

The base is exactly the same as the original one, this time in a lighter sand colour with what appears to be grass growing over the blocks on the front. These look more like they belong in a East Asian environment, due to the bamboo and carved column than India.

The accessories he comes with now are: a revolver, Grail Diary, Voodoo Doll, Sankara Stone, Antidote Vial and a sword. The revolver, diary, sword and antidote vial come from the previous release figure, the voodoo doll and Sankara Stone are all new molds.

Taking Indy out the packaging and putting him on the stand, we can see him better. The arms are all new, however, the head, waist and legs are recycled from the original figure and repainted. He shares the same articulation as the original figure, moving at the neck, shoulders, bicep, wrist, waist, hips, knees and ankles. He now has a red mark on his chin to simulate the scar and the head is repainted to match the "battle damage" he received from the Thuggee. The shirt is ripped and missing a sleeve. The torso piece is from the original, it has no whip marks or anything, just some painted red marks on the back.

All in all, this figure is hit and miss. It hasn't come out right, but the shirt on my Indy is more green than white and the trousers are more yellowish than they came out. They have made some improvements on the figure, but not the ones we all wanted. Yes, the pants are now better painted and don't have that horrible white wash, but we now get the bad base and accessories that aren't from the movie. The joints do feel a little looser on this one as well. I would say that unless you're a die hard Indy fan and want to get all the figures put out, give this one a miss. Even at $15, it's still an investment to get it, unless you find it on the secondary market.