Saturday, 7 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Matchbox Pull Back Action Thunderbird 2

The expansion wave of Thunderbirds toys was a unique one. In this smaller set of toys, we have Matchbox making a series of pull back action vehicles, and we're going to take a look at the next in the series, Thunderbird 2.

The card is the exact same as the other pieces in the expansion wave. It's generic enough to fit the Thunderbirds theme, yet still awesome in it's own way. Bright, colourful and action packed. Thunderbird 2 sits in a bubble, firmly attached to the card.

The back of the card is the same as the other pull back vehicles. It's plain white with an in universe bio sheet for all 3, as per universe and taken from the back of the other carded toys. Underneath that is a picture of the the other toys in the series.

Thunderbird 2 measures about 4 inches from nose to boosters. The toy doesn't have the extending legs and the pod doesn't drop, as it's all one piece. The motor is on the underside. Thunderbird 2 doesn't have an action feature. As far as paint apps go, it's rather plain. It's a plain green colour with minor detailing in black, red and yellow. The T2 and 2 insignia are stickers.

Like Thunderbird 1, it was released as a single carded toy and as part of a three piece set, featuring all 3 toys in the series.

The TB 2 pull back vehicle is an alright toy. It's one of those toys that only really appeals to hardcore collectors of Thunderbirds fans or children. Carded examples of the single version go for around £10 or £12 for the 3 pack.