Monday, 9 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Matchbox Thunderbirds Pull Back Action Thunderbird 4

Here we are, the final toy in the expansion wave of Thunderbirds toys. This time, we're going to be taking a look at the Pull Back Action Thunderbird 4.

Pull Back Action Thunderbird 4 was released in 1993 as part of the expansion wave. The card art is the exact same as the one used on every single expansion wave toy. It's generic enough to pass for encompassing all of Thunderbirds, yet, action packed enough to attract the eyes of children. Thunderbird 4 sits in a bubble card at the same kind of angle as the other toys.

The back of the card is the exact same for every toy in the Pull Back Action range. It has In Universe information regarding the Thunderbird craft. These are recycled from the single carded die cast vehicles. Underneath that, we have a large picture of all the toys in the range. It has the die cast vehicles, the 2 inch scale action figures and the Tracy Island playset.

This version of Thunderbird 4 measures 4 inches from the trough to the boosters. It's made entirely of plastic, even the motor underneath. Due to it being larger scale, it won't fit in either version of Thunderbird 2, though it does have more details on the vehicle, though it is primarily bright yellow with red striping on the nose and the boosters. There are THUNDERBIRD 4 insignia on the sides and rear, with a large 4 on the fin.

As well as being single carded in 1993, there was a gift set released in 1994 with all 3 vehicles in one pack. it shares the same artwork.

As we wrap this one up, I think it's a really interesting and intriguing set, but not one for the average collector of Thunderbirds. Definitely one for the kids or hardcore enough of a collector to buy everything there is with Thunderbirds on it. Carded examples go for around £10 on the secondary market or the complete set of three goes for around £12 carded.