Thursday, 12 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Meerkat Movies Aleksandr as Batman

Many of our readers are probably well aware of the Compare the Meerkat marketing campaign by Insurance company Compare The Market. For those who aren't familiar. They started in 2009, starring Aleksandr Orlov, an Aristocratic Russian Meerkat who lamented that his website compare the meerkat was being mistaken for insurance website compare the market. Ever since then, the campaign has gotten bigger and more viral. In the latest campaign, Aleksandr and his friend Sergei are dressed as Batman and Superman to promote the latest promotion, 2 for 1 cinema tickets.

The advert for the current promotion. 

As we mentioned in an earlier review, with any good and viral marketing campaign, there is a guarantee that there will be collectibles made from it. This is no exception. The company has been making these 12 inch cuddly toys since 2009. People sign up for insurance through the compare the market site and get a free cuddly toy sent in the mail. They have been doing all the characters from the adverts and now, most recently, the Batman vs. Superman promotion.

Aleksandr comes in an open box. with his paperwork behind him. Removing him from his cardboard base requires the use of scissors or a knife, as he's held in place with cable ties. The interior of the box has his name in the background and a rooftop display with the bat signal on one side. The toy itself is a repackaged Aleksandr toy from 2009 in a Batman outfit. The cowl is secured by velcro.

The back of the box is rather plain. It has a bio written by Aleksandr about himself being the inspiration for Batman and lamenting that the Batman uniform hides his handsome face. The rest of the box has the CGI model of Aleksandr posing,

He comes with a slightly different ear tag than normal. Most ear tags are little booklets that give a bio of the character as told by Aleksandr, in this instance, it's just a MEERKAT MOVIES logo on the front and then the BvS logo on the back.

Also in the box, you get a letter from Aleksandr, congratulating you on getting your new superhero toy and jokingly saying that if they develop superpowers, fly around the room or drive around the house in a batmobile, it's perfectly normal. But under no circumstances are you to leave your Sergei and Aleksandr toys alone, as they will fight.

He also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each certificate is numbered and signed by Aleksandr. It also has a bio on the sheet as well. There's also a BvS logo in the bottom corner.

The final piece of promotional literature inside the box is this little cardboard standee of Alexsandr holding the toy and another bio piece on the back. The sides just have more promotional stuff on the 2-for-1 cinema tickets for a year.

As promotional items go, these are fantastic in the viral marketing sense. Appealing to children and collectors through these toys. They're well made and won't rip as many promotional items do over time. The only real downside is that since the Meerkats are well known and they are limited edition, the only way to really get them is either buy insurance through their website and wait 28 days for delivery or try and get them for a good price on the secondary market, beware, there ARE a lot of sellers selling these for inflated prices.