Thursday, 12 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Meerkat Movies Sergei as Superman

In our last review, we took a look at the Aleksandr as Batman plush toy. In this review, we'll be taking a look at the follow up, Aleksandr's partner, Sergei, dressed as Henry Cavill's Superman.

Sergei comes in the same open box as Aleksandr. He stands about 11 inches in height and is essentially the same toy as his 2009 counterpart, this time, the Superman outfit is sewn onto him. Sergei will also require surgery to get him out of the box as his feet have cable ties around them.

The back of the box is largely the same as A;eksandr's box. It's rather plain, has a bio written by Aleksandr for Sergei as Superman. He makes references to Sergei being the total opposite of Superman and his weakness being cockroach cookies. Underneath the bio is a graphic taken straight from the commercial of Sergei posing.

He has the same Meerkat Movies/BvS ear tag. They didn't use the little booklet for the ear tags this time round.

The letter from Aleksandr is still the same, regarding the fact that IF these toys develop superpowers, it's meant to happen and that under no circumstances, should they be left on their own, as they will fight. Underneath all that is all the trademarking information and more on the 2 for 1 cinema tickets offer.

He comes with his own certificate of authenticity, or authenticness, as Aleksandr calls it. There's a bio again for Sergei, mostly ripped from the back of the box, just slightly expanded. Underneath is the meerkat movies logo and his limited edition number. Next to that is Sergei's signature and then BVS logo.

The final piece of literature in the box is a standee of Sergei holding his plush toy. It comes with another bio printed on the back. It's mainly promotion asking people to get both toys and to use their codes to get the tickets. It does combine slightly with the Aleksandr one to form a larger picture of them both holding their respective toys.

I finally have both toys in the set and I do like these toys. They have a certain collectors flair to them that would appeal to comic fans and children. They're officially licensed as well. However the main problem with these is that unless you buy insurance through compare the market, the only other way to get them is via the secondary market and that can be expensive.