Monday, 9 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Muller Rice Tasty B toy

In 2013, Muller hit on a new style of marketing campaign for it's Muller Rice line of desserts. They hit on the idea of a rapping bear by the name of Tasty B, who would approach hungry people and rap about Muller Rice to the tune of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby". Now, on paper, it does sound a bit stupid, but the marketing campaign went viral and this is the advert that started it:

Tasty B was a smash hit. A bear with an 80s style haircut, rapping and dancing. Of course, as with any sort of ad campaign that was a hit, they had to expand it further and later that year, as a mail in promotion through Muller, people in the UK were able to send off for their own Tasty B toy.

After sending off 4 tokens from their Muller Rice with some money for postage and packing, then waiting 28 days, fans of Tasty B would receive this box in the post. It's designed to resemble a packing crate for musicians. On all the sides, it has the MULLER RICE REMIX logo and TASTY B ON TOUR stencilled on. Sadly, mine has been bashed around a bit.

The toy bear stands around 12 inches in height. For promotional toys, he's very well made and very soft. His hair can be styled as the user sees fit and yes, he talks. Squeezing his right paw makes him say such lines as 
  • "Rice Rice Baby"
  • "Word to your Muller"
  • "Stop, Grab Your Spoon and Listen"
  • "mmmmm....tasty!"
This is the product of viral marketing and is viral marketing done right. Other franchises in the past have shown that promotional characters can make their entry into the collectibles and toy world. As this is a food mail away, he does command a high price on the secondary market. Average prices tend to be in the £30-50 mark.