Saturday, 14 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: NECA Player Select Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem Forever)

In 2011, Gearbox and Piranha Games finally released Duke Nukem Forever, a game that had been in development for 15 years and was met with a largely negative reaction from modern gamers, but was still able to charm some of the classic gamers and fans of the franchise. 

Also in 2011, NECA released a 7 inch action figure based on Duke Nukem from the game in it's Player Select subline, which deals in action figures from various games. The figure itself comes in the new clamshell style packaging. The top of the box has the logo and underneath is the figure in the window. The bottom of the box uses the game render.

The back of the box has a render of Duke holding a pig cop head and a render of the Duke Nukem Forever logo. The rest of the card has a humorous bio write up about playing with dolls. It also makes the claim that taking this figure to school or a bar as your wingman will make you the envy of your peers and that you'll never need to play with another toy again.

Duke only comes with a pair of accessories. A gold plated Colt .45 and a lit cigar. They are made of soft rubber and fit in Duke's hands. The left is molded to take the gun and the right molded for the cigar. The gun has gold paint on the slide, the rest black with silver grips. The cigar has paint apps to simulate it being lit. Take care with the cigar, due to it's size, it can and will be easily lost.

Duke himself stands 7 inches tall from top to bottom. NECA actually put a lot of work into the articulation on this figure, moving at the neck, shoulders, deltoids, biceps, wrist, abs, waist, hips knees and ankles. The straps are made of a soft rubber, while the rest is made of a hard plastic. The sculpting does a good job of matching the Duke Nukem render from the game. The muscles on his body are clearly defined, there are veins visible on his muscles. The shirt and jeans have wrinkles in them too. The paint apps are great. The skin tone even has a light red wash in it to bring out the details. The rest of his outfit is flat colour.

This is an interesting figure for gamers and collectors. It's one I'd recommend to have in a pop culture collection, however, it could have done with some more accessories. It could have done with some more paint apps to bring out the details in his shirt, jeans and boots. I've seen examples go for about £20 for carded and £10 for loose with no accessories.