Sunday, 15 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Play Arts Kai Nathan Drake

In 2011, Naughty Dog released the next chapter of the Uncharted franchise, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. The game was a success and there was a merchandising campaign that followed.

Play Arts Kai figures are released by Square Enix. In this instance, we have Nathan Drake from the box art of Uncharted 3 adorning the front cover of the box. The logo for Uncharted 3 adorning the middle of it with the Play Arts Kai logo underneath,

Inside the window box, we have a tray that features Drake and all of his accessories. The window is nice and open, so we can see everything in there. In the bottom corner, we have a picture of some money.

In the box, Drake comes with his hands balled into fists. However, among his accessories are a set of extra hands in the firing pose. Also included are a .45 Colt Defender, an AK-47 and a Sniper Rifle. All of them are painted and detailed. The pistol is is in a flat dark gray. The AK is painted in the dark grey as well, with the grips being painted with a wood grain effect. The sniper rifle comes in an olive drab colour scheme with a grey scope, barrel and magazine.

Drake himself stands at around 9 inches tall, This puts him larger than the likes of Mattel, Playmates, Hasbro, Neca and McFarlane. The likeness to the in game model for Drake is kinda hit and miss. He has a determined expression on his face. He's articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbow, wrist, abs, waist, hips, knees and ankle. This allows him to be posed in pretty much any way you want.

The shoulder holster works and you can put the Colt Defender in it. He comes dressed in the outfit he wears in the Syrian levels towards the end of the game. The white shirt and jeans have a paint wash on them to simulate dirt and sand, as well as having wrinkles in them.

He can hold all of his accessories perfectly well and he does have a good grip on all of them. He feels stable and secure in any pose with the weapons in his hands. The sniper rifle does take some jiggling to get it in place, but once it's in, it's not going anywhere. Even with jiggling it around, I didn't feel once that I was going to break it.

Overall, a nice figure to own and yet, one of the hardest to find. I've seen examples going on the secondary market for around £200. Shopping around MIGHT net you a cheaper one, but this is one figure where you'll have to bite the bullet and fork out for.