Saturday, 7 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Megaforce Character Masks

In 2014, Saban had bought out it's newest entry into the Power Rangers franchise: Power Rangers Megaforce and there was a huge range of merchandising released for it across all formats. We have reviewed the Gosei Morpher, but now, we're going to be reviewing the Character Masks

I was sent these 4 masks from the Megaforce masks line. I am not sure how many there are in the set, but the packaging proudly commands us to "COLLECT THEM ALL!". They all come in a plastic baggie with the logo on the top. The top portion tears open, allowing you to take the mask out. My word are these masks cheap

The masks were made by the UK company Mask-Arade, which is well known for making cheap cardboard masks of famous people and selling them for about £2 in most shops. I don't know if these masks have made it overseas, but I'm willing to bet they probably have. Now, looking at the back of the mask, it's easy to see that aside from the shape of the head and eyeholes, the mask is secured with sellotape and a piece of black elastic. 

This truly terrifying picture is what a normal adult looks like wearing one of these masks. In all honesty, these are bad and horrific. The screen printing used is horrible, the print is NOT clear and you can see areas where it's blurred when blown up to A4 size. Though for a child's party favour, it's not too bad I suppose, I'd only really invest in these as a novelty and only if you're of the hardcore fanbase to want these.