Sunday, 15 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ryu Amiibo

Street Fighter IV was one of the biggest fighting games of the last decade. It bought Street Fighter back into the mainstream with cel shaded graphics and a new fighting system, So, it was no surprise that Ryu, the mascot of the franchise would end up in Super Smash Bros.

So, here he is, the Ryu Amiibo. He's number 56 in the collection and part of the Smash Bros. Collection series. On the top of the card, we see a render graphic of Ryu posing ready for a fight. Underneath that is his name in red font on a white gradient background. The large bubble houses Ryu and lets the purchaser see the figure from all angles.

The back of the card shows what the Amiibo figures can do, how they work with the WiiU gamepad and the 3DS. It also shows how it works with Smash Bros and the fact it levels up the more you use the figures in combat. Note: use of amiibos is entirely optional and doesn't require them to play the game.

Inside the box is a little instruction manual. Not really much in it, other than explaining care of the toys in various different languages.

Taking Ryu out of the bubble, it's easy to see why the amiibos are so large. They come in this plastic display case like tray that pops apart at the rear. It's a great way of displaying the figures as well. But here we can see him fully. He stands in a classic Street Fighter pose, the bandanna and belt blowing in the breeze. He does have clear plastic supports on the backs of his feet.

He stands on a Smash Bros logo base. The sculpting on this is fantastic, paint apps are great. There's even kanji on the back of his gloves and on his belt. The karate gi itself has wrinkles in the fabric. It's hard to see, but Nintendo actually sculpted fingernails and toenails on the figure. 

As far as the figure goes, this is a welcome addition to any collection in my opinion. They've done well mixing the realistic style with the cartoony style as well. If you're a fan of Street Fighter, this would be a welcome addition to your amiibos. It would be wise to shop around for this one. I've seen it retail for £15, but I was able to get a carded version for £10.