Sunday, 29 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Spider-Man The Video Game (Arcade)

As the web-head has made his debut in the MCU, I thought we'd take a look at the Spider-Man the Video Game by Sega, released in 1991.

Spider-Man was released in 1991 by SEGA and was on their System 32 hardware, It has never been ported to a home version yet,but there are hopes that one day it might. The title screen shows the SPIDER-MAN logo with the webhead next to it. The background features comic book style art of a New York city street.

Leaving the title screen in attract mode for a little while longer gives this, a splash screen of all the villains you'll face in the game. Most of these are Spider-Man villains, except for the Hellfire Club like grunts and street thugs.

The arcade game is 4 player, allowing players to pick between Hawkeye, Spider-Man himself, Sub-Mariner and Black Cat, each with their own distinct play styles, similar to TMNT or Simpsons. Each player has the same basic attacks and jump attacks, but each player has their own distinct power attack which drains health. Hawkeye shoots arrows, Spidey fires a web, Sub-Mariner fires electricity and Black Cat swings her whip.

Storywise, there;s not much to say. Kingpin has stolen an artifact called the Sorcerer Stone, which could grant untold power. Then Doctor Doom steals it. It's up to the four heroes to save the day. Gameplay consists of 2 different styles. The first is a zoomed in brawler style in which the heroes plough their way through enemies and bosses. 

The second is a more zoomed out shooter style. Rather than using punches, kicks and throws, your character will fire their projectiles at enemies. It's a more athletic stage, requiring players to climb and jump their way through the level. It also gives a sense of scale when the players are scaling up buildings and across zeppelins. 

As brawlers in the 90s go, this one is more obscure than the ones it went up against. It has some great gameplay elements and a very comic book feel to the story, speech and graphics. Gameplay, this game will eat your quarters and provides a decent challenge. If you can find this one, definitely give it a play.