Saturday, 14 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Weekend LEGO X-Wing

On the Sunday of Star Wars Weekends, fans were able to claim a second free LEGO toy, Luke's X-Wing. 

The hand picked pieces came in the same little zip lock baggie as the Falcon. It also has the same BB-8 sticker on the front, proclaiming that "I Completed This At Tesco". No spare parts again either,

Instructions and parts list came printed on a piece of A4 card. The upper parts shows what pieces are in the set, a picture of the finished product and that it's only 23 pieces and 6 steps. The parts fit together easily.

And here's the finished article. It's a lot smaller than most X-Wings by LEGO and fits in well with the micro scale vehicles. The s-foils do raise and lower, allowing them to be posed on the attack or flying normally. The details are there in a way, but not as prominent as they would be on a larger model.

The X-Wing is definitely an improvement over the Falcon. The fact there's an action feature of sorts really ups the play value. It still feels just as a strong and as durable as any LEGO set. The details are hit and miss, but can be overlooked given that it's a mini set. I have yet to see any of these show up on the secondary market.