Saturday, 14 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Weekends LEGO Millennium Falcon

Back in September of 2015, Tesco stores in the UK hosted an event called Star Wars Weekend. I'll be doing a full review of the event, but the event had a free LEGO toy available each day. The first one of which was on the Saturday, was the Millennium Falcon.

All the pieces for the Falcon came in this zip-lock baggie with a sticker on it. There's no spares as they were all counted out by the staff member in charge of the event. 

The model came with an official instruction sheet that was printed on A4 size paper. In the top corner, we see the pieces in the set. I'm not sure if this is an all new mold for the Falcon or if it's a reissue of an existing piece.But it's only a small model. 16 pieces and 6 steps.

And here's the finished model. It is lacking the detailing of much larger models and is primarily in a dark grey colour, with a clear cockpit piece breaking up the flat colours. The engine cells are 2 blue disc pieces stuck on the back. 

Putting it side by side with the Advent Calendar version, I prefer the Advent Calendar Falcon. It looks better, the pieces balance against each other and it's not all one flat color with not very many details. The cockpit looks better, I love the vent pieces on the front as well. Two very different models of the same vehicle and well, the supermarket exclusive version really does lose out a lot.

In all honesty, I'm not that big of a fan of this piece. It doesn't feel very Millennium Falcon at all. The pieces are bland. It has some balance issues due to them using the same disc pieces for the top and bottom. Even as a promotion for Episode 7. I only found one Falcon on eBay and it was going for £4.