Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Infinities - A New Hope

As its Star Wars Day (May 4th), I thought we'd take a look at the Star Wars Infinities line of comics. They were a "What If..." style, set in alternate timelines to the movies. The cover artist was Tony Harris. It was written by Chris Warner and Pencils by Drew Johnson. It was initially released as a 4 part comic series in 2001, released as a collected edition in 2002.

In this story, it plays out similar to the movie, except that in this one, the Proton Torpedos fired by Luke don't destroy the Death Star, merely damage it. Unable to destroy Yavin 4, the Massassi temple which houses the Rebel base is damaged, causing them to flee from it. At the same time, The Falcon and Luke's X-Wing are set upon by flights of TIE fighters, determined to bring them down. Outgunned, Luke and the Falcon jump to hyperspace .

Meanwhile, the Rebels fail in their evacuation and are rounded up by the Empire. Most of the leaders are imprisoned in the Death Star. Leia is sent to the Imperial Homeworld of Coruscant. The Emperor making home in the old Jedi temple. It's here that Vader begins Leia's training in the Sith ways. Onboard the Falcon, Luke gives in to his anger at the failure of the mission and Han's apparent abandonment of the Rebellion. Luke draws his lightsaber is goes to strike Han down, but is stopped by Obi-Wan. He instructs Luke to go to Dagobah and seek out Yoda. While here, he begins his training and during the months it takes, Han repairs the Falcon and Luke is tested in the cave. Here, he defeats Darth Vader and it's revealed to be Leia under the helmet.

Five years later, The Empire is celebrating it's 5th anniversary of the Defeat of the Rebellion. The Empire rules the Galaxy with an iron fist. They rename the Death Star to the Justice Star. They plan to eclipse it over Coruscant's sun as a mark of peace. Leia, now a Sith lord, has convinced Palpatine to reinstate the Senate. Han is watching the broadcast from a Cantina on Ord Mantell. Angered, he breaks a chair over his table, alerting the Imperials to his presence. He flees Ord Mantell and makes his way to Dagobah. Here, he meets Luke who is now a Jedi Master. Luke retakes the cave tests as Han arrives. Luke is told by Yoda that Vader is his father and Leia is his sister. They agree to defeat Vader and try to restore Leia to the Light Side. 

The crew make their way to Coruscant. They make their way to the Justice Star. Yoda confronts Tarkin and uses a mind trick to make him full control of the Justice Star to Yoda. He uses this to destroy the fleet above Coruscant. Luke, Han and Chewie fight their way to the Palace. Luke gets into a duel with Leia. The battle ends when Luke redeems Leia. In retaliation, Palpatine uses Force Lightning on the Skywalker siblings. Vader turns on Palpatine.

As Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie escape towards the Falcon. Yoda unleashes his trump card. He drops the Justice Star on the Imperial Palace, killing Vader and the Emperor, as well as obliterating the Justice Star. The story ends with the Rebels on the planet of Naboo. Leia is named Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic. R2 is given a new body with his old memories and re-united with C-3PO. The ghosts of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda appear before Luke and Leia.

This is an interesting comic. There's some unique differences that work. The progression of the story is great and the art is fantastic. Well worth a read if you're a fan of the Marvel What If...? comics and the DC Elseworlds comics. You can find this comic for cheap on the secondary market.