Saturday, 7 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Infinities - Return of the Jedi

As some fans like to refer to this day as Revenge of the Sixth, I thought we'd wrap up our look at the Star Wars Infinities comics, this time with a look at Return of the Jedi, published in 2004 in single issues, 2005 for the trade paperback. It was written by Adam Gallardo and pencilled by Ryan Benjamin.

As with all the Infinity comics, this is a "what if..." storyline. Things play out as per the movie, but in this timeline, C-3PO has his head knocked off when Leia, as Boushh, asked for "Fifty Thousand, no less".This leaves Leia with no way to communicate with Jabba. This forces her to play her gambit card, revealling her identity and threatening to blow up the Palace with everyone in it. Boba attempts to shoot Leia in the back, but is stopped by Lando. Boba's blast hits Leia in the arm, causing her to drop the detonator. Fett escapes with Han in his carbonite block as the palace explodes, killing C-3PO, Jabba and Bib Fortuna. Fett escapes Tattooine with the damaged Carbonite block with the Rebels in pursuit.

As Luke is helping the rebels find Han, he misses the death of Yoda. He arrives on Dagobah too late to meet with Yoda, who has passed on to the Force. Yoda and Obi-Wan's ghosts appear before him and tell him that Vader is his father and Leia is his sister. He sends R2-D2 back to the rebels as he goes to confront Vader on his own. Leia finds out and goes after him. 

Leia and Lando track Fett to Sullust, where he's planning on handing Han over to the Empire. Fett is killed in a skirmish with the Rebels and they take Han and Slave 1 to Home One. Han is defrosted, but the fact he's been in for so long and the damage to the panel means that he might never recover his eyesight. The Rebels find out about the Death Star and the shield bunker through their networks. Lando plans the attack on the Death Star as the Shield Bunker is attacked. However, without 3PO to communicate with the Ewoks, they attack both sides.

Leia is captured by the Emperor. Lando flies out of the Death Star to rescue Leia and Luke. Luke and Vader duel onboard the Death Star/ Luke cuts off Vader's arm and reveals to him that theyt're his children. Luke says he won't finish Vader off. Vader begs to forgiveness and is redeemed. Leia and Luke take Vader to the Falcon as the Death Star explodes. The Death Star is destroyed, but the war isn't over yet. Palpatine is still alive and a threat, Vader, now as Anakin Skywalker and wearing a white version of his suit helps the Rebels find Palpatine.

The book is an interesting twist end to the trilogy. There's some great moments and twists that really make you realise how different things will be once one thing changes. How different he movie was with the death of C-3PO. The book can be found on the secondary market.