Thursday, 12 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Street Fight Unlimited # 1

The hype machine for Street Fighter V has begun. In February 2016, UDON released issue 1 of their new tie in comic Street Fighter Unlimited. It was written by Ken-Siu Chong and art by Joe Ng. The cover shown above is the issue I have, and is the UK GAME exclusive cover, by Long Vo.

Our first story, is set after the end of IV. Ryu is at the grave of Gouken and meditates. The main plot of this story revolves around Ryu trying to control his evil side. He talks about the fact that Akuma and Gill bought out his evil side. He ponders if this evil side is the true way of unlocking his full potential. His vision grows more and more violent as he takes on Sakura, Ken and Gouken, who try and stop him. He kills them all and signs Akuma's insigna on the wall in their blood.

The following day, he trains with Sagat in the forest, discussing how he mastered his own anger and rage. The discussion grows on as Sagat makes Ryu realise that he may already BE a demon, but he just hasn't accepted that fact as part of who he is. Ryu leaves Gouken's dojo to go finish his quest to find out who he truly is. Meanwhile, in the Shdowloo base, Vega informs Bison that they have captured an intruder. 

Our next story is a short Final Fight comic written by Jim Zub and art by Edwin Huang. In this story, we see a day in the life of Mayor Mike Haggar as he deals with the everday running of Metro City. After a council meeting, he returns to his office to see Alex sat at his desk. Alex mistakes him for working with The Secret Society and Haggar thinks he's working for The Mad Gears. The mistaken identity turns into a brawl, which Haggar wins by giving Alex a spinning piledriver through his desk. Still enraged, the comic ends with his secretary dealing with the mess and an enraged Haggar chasing after Sanitation Workers going on strike.

The final strip in this bumper issue, is a short strip by Matt Moylan called Street Funnies. In this one, we see Zangief dealing with the problem of travelling the world by plane. 

All in all, this is a great comic. It's a great intro to the Street Fighter universe and picks up where the games left off. I was able to get this comic for £2 from GAME as they were getting rid of their old stock. The side strips are great and break up the flow rather nicely. There's some great comedy in the back up strips too. If you can find this comic, definitely worth a check out.