Monday, 2 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Super Hero Weekend

Over the UK Bank Holiday Weekend, there was a Super Hero Weekend in the Derbyshire village of Bakewell. We went along to check it out and boy were we disappointed.

The weather really dampened people's spirits. It was a cold, wet Saturday morning. The car park, which was £2 was already a quagmire by 10am. 4x4s were getting stuck in the mud causing hour long queues to get out. The event was poorly organised and consisted of a few stalls selling cheap superhero stuff, food stalls and a few children's rides in a muddy field. No cover for people from the pouring rain at all. I can now understand as to why people were leaving after only an hour of being there.

As far as superheroes went, there were a few Stormtroopers, fancy dress shop quality Avengers and Paw Patrol, That was about it.

It's hard to believe that the organisers touted this event as getting over 10,000 people and selling out of camping spaces. Horrifically organised, poor entertainments and activites, poor signposting lead to a disaster of an event that was even further washed out by the rain. Coupled with expensive children's rides that broke down. I don't believe they'll be doing this one again. Even after people got out of the car park, they either went home or into the historic village of Bakewell, where they had a food festival on and shelter from the bad weather.