Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Terminator Salvation Arcade (2010)

Terminator Salvation was released in Cinemas in 2009. In 2010, Play Mechanix developed a game for the arcade, published by Raw Thrills.

Terminator Salvation is an on rails First Person shooter game, in which you play as John Connor (Christian Bale). The game is spread over two missions. The first of which has players going on a Seek and Destroy mission against a secret Skynet lab, which is performing experiments on humans. The second mission has players guiding survivors to a hidden Resistance Safehouse and then dealing the final blow against Skynet itself.

Gameplay is simple and fun. Shoot Terminators with a variety of weapons. Red glowing Terminators are ones that are about to attack and hit the player, so deal with them first. Your standard weapon is a modified M4A1 carbine. The magazine has a button on the bottom to reload and two buttons on the side of the barrel for launching grenades. Players can find different weapons and armour pick ups along the way and can be collected simply by shooting them. Many of the assets for the game were taken from the console version.

Aside from the standard release, there was also a "budget" cabinet version released that featured a slimmer cabinet and fixed Pulse Rifle style guns that swiveled and tilted. Then there was the larger scale SDX version, which featured a 65 inch screen, speakers on both sides and the assault rifle light gun controllers. 

As movie licensed games go, this provides a decent challenge and expands on the movie universe a little more. It's definitely better than the movie or the console game. If you can find an arcade that has this, which should be a fair few, as it's only a recent game, give it a whirl,