Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go Thunderbird S

Thunderbirds Are Go is the latest series featuring the Tracy Brothers. It's finally made it to the United States where it's showing promise. So. lets take a look at the latest toy in the series.

The 6 inch scale Thunderbird S comes in the same open box packaging. The box features the Tracy Brothers on the top with the show's logo. The open box allowing users to press the buttons on the rear of the aircraft. On the side of the box, it runs down the features with a picture of Kayo on the bottom

The back of the box has a bio card for the aircraft as per in show specs. It also has pictures of the vehicle and a run down of the action features, which one button behind the cockpit drops the Shadow Bike, the other activates the sound effects.

Thunderbird S was created in show by Brains as a stealth jet. In the real world, it was it created by Shoji Kowamori, who is best known for his work designing the mecha in the Macross series. The jet itself is an interesting design and measures 6 inches from nose to boosters. It's a primarily black in colour, with red and silver detail. It has THUNDERBIRD S on the fuselage and nose. 

Pressing the left hand drops the Shadow Bike, which is made up from the cockpit. It can be easily pushed back into place. Pressing the right hand button activates the sound effects which are:
  • "Thunderbird 5, are you there? I have a situation!"
  • *jet noise*
  • *motorcycle noise*
  • *take off sounds*
  • "FAB"

It's great to see Thunderbird S finally join the rest of the 6 inch scale vehicles. My only real concern is that given how rare this already is, I can see so many Shadow Bikes being lost to time, as it is so small. However, it does fit in place a lot securer than Thunderbird 2's pod. Aside from that minor gripe, I like this toy and it fits in well. If you can find it online, it should only cost £10, Otherwise, be weary of over inflated sellers who are using the scarcity of this vehicle to make profit.