Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1994 Red Dragon Thunderzord

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers proved to be a powerhouse of TV when it aired and became so powerful on the store shelves that it caused many toylines to die off. However, when the second season aired, we were treated to all new mecha for the series. This time, based off the Mythical Chi Beasts.

The box for the zord is primarily green. On the left hand side of the box, we have the MMPR logo and a large yellow logo telling us that this is RED DRAGON THUNDERZORD. The rest of the box is taken up with an action shot of the Red Dragon in both it's dragon and warrior modes.

The back of the box has a run down of how the new zords came to be. It also runs down the different forms the Red Dragon can take, as well as the combination with the Thunderzord Assault team, which was sold separately. 

Inside the box, we have the staff, The Red Dragon itself, head piece, baggie containing the tail piece and the Power Crytal/Ranger figure. The Red Dragon comes packed in his dragon form with the head and tail removed. 

This figure is essentially a restickered Mythical Chi Beast Ryuseioh from Dairanger. The only real difference is the Thunder Bolt stickers on the chest. The dragon form is based on the Chinese style of dragon with the long neck and tail. There is some articulation thanks to the the way there knee and hip joints work.

To transform him from dragon to warrior, simply push the forearms back together to form the arms. pop off the head and tail piece. Fold the chest covering back to form his backpack. Rotate the legs so the spines face forward instead of outwards. Flip the feet in and be sure to flip the tail connector back in on the left foot. Fold the tail piece and clip it into the two holes in the chest. With the dragon head, make sure the jaws are open when it's slotted into place, or it won't sit flush. For effect, you can place the red ranger on his head.

The articulation on the Red Dragon is fantastic for a 90s transforming toy. It has articulation in the shoulder, 2 bicep motions, hips and knees, It transforms easily between either mode and doesn't feel like it's going to break. These are surprisingly cheap now that the Legacy version has come out. A Red Dragon can set you back around £20.