Thursday, 30 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1994 Thunderzord Assault Team

In 1994, Power Rangers fans tuned in to see the second season of their favourite show. In this new season, we were treated to a new villain in Lord Zedd and all new zord in the Thunderzords. It was at this time, Bandai released the second set in the line

In this case, Bandai US decided to release The Thunderzord Assault Team as a separate set, in order to keep costs down. The front of the box uses the same green background as the other Power Rangers releases. The Power Rangers logo and THUNDERZORD ASSAULT TEAM dominates the upper portion of the box. The Thunderzord assault team themselves on their carrier dominates the entire front of the box with the smaller zord pictures explaining who's they are. Now, the interesting thing to note here, is that Phoenix Firebird and the carrier are the Dairanger versions, as the tail is chrome plastic and the handle has a grey top.

The back of the box recycles the same Thunderzord assault team image from the front of the box. It also shows the different zords, how they combine into the Assault Team on the sled. Putting the mini figures in the zords. Then, if you happen to own the Red Dragon Thunderzord, then you can make the awesome Thunder Megazord.

Mine is used, so here's all the pieces in their styrofoam insert. Each zord has their own inserted place within the tray. The helmet has to be disassembled for it to fit back in it's tray

This baggie contains the sticker sheet and the 2 instruction manuals for the Thunderzord Assault Team. It contains a sticker guide for all 4 zords, as well as an instruction manual in English that explains how to combine the toys into the Assault Team on the sled as well as the Thunder Megazord itself.

This little baggie contains the Ranger mini figures and power crystals. Even though it didn't happen in the United States, this is more a reference to Dairanger, where the Dairangers would ride atop their mecha,

The battle helmet comes in 3 pieces. The black helmet. The helmet tail and the visor. The visor should have black stickers, but sadly mine is missing. I'll be getting replacement stickers for it. eventually.

The next piece is the Thunder Saber and Sheath. This clips on to the waistpiece formed by the Firebird when in Thunder Megazord form. There aren't any paint apps on the sword and it's made of a soft grey rubbery type plastic. The details on the main part of the sheath are sticker applications.

The sled itself is 2 pieces of plastic. It has slots cut out in the base for the  zords. The Red Dragon stands in the middle. The Firebird clips to the stands at the back and the sled can be pushed across a flat surface. 

The first zord up is Pink Ranger's Phoenix Firebird. While called pink, the plastic is red. The articulation is in the head and wings, The tail is removable to form the headpiece to a staff. There is a slot on the back of the zord for the pink ranger figure to sit. It is identical to the Japanese toy, just with different stickers. It forms the waist piece.

Next up is Blue Ranger's Unicorn Thunderzord. There is articulation in the neck and wheels on the floor. The hole in the nose is for the blue ranger figure. It forms the left leg of the Thunder Megazord.

Up next, we have the Yellow Ranger's Griffin Thunderzord. Same articulation as the Unicorn. Again, the hole in the nose is for the yellow ranger figure. It forms the right leg of the Thunder Megazord.

The final zord is the Black Lion. In Dairanger, this was green. However, in MMPR, there was no green ranger anymore, so they repainted the face Black to represent it's connection to Zack/Adam. The slot in the head is for the black ranger figure. It forms the torso and arms of the Thunder Megazord, as well as the tail being the helmet.

This set is a nice compliment to the Red Dragon and will look great in it's Assault Team form on it's base. A boxed Assault Team will set you back around £40 in good condition with all the pieces there. Obviously, don't expect perfect stickers after 20 years, but there are good companies out there that do replacement sticker needs.