Saturday, 4 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Bruce Lee Fanatiks "Flex" figure

If there's one person who is considered to be a real icon in the world of martial arts, it would have to be Bruce Lee. It's no coincidence that Bruce Lee merchandise has spring up in recent years.

In 2010, Round 5 teamed up with Bruce Lee Enterprises to release of 5 inch scale PVC figures under the FAN*ATIKS line. This one is called "Flex" and was released in 2012. The figure comes in a clam shell style packaging similar to the NECA and McFarlane figures. The paper insert is very reminiscent of the classic yellow and black jumpsuit he wore in Game of Death, which has inspired many characters since., The picture and figure is based on Way of the Dragon, and has Bruce Lee flexing before he fights Chuck Norris in Italy.

The back of the card has a larger picture of Bruce flexing alongside a blurb, which I have blown up for you to read. It's a short and inspirational quote about how Bruce inspiring people to follow their martial arts desires and dreams after seeing the one inch punch in 1964. Yes, this is an officially licensed product as well. It has the Bruce Lee logo on the top of the card and the rest is taken up by the copyright and trademarking info.

Taking Bruce out of his packaging, we can see he's dressed in the same black pants and shoes outfit he wore in both Enter the Dragon and Way of the Dragon. He stands about 5 inches tall from head to toe. Bruce here has a very mixed look about him, his face and body are realistic, yet his proportions and bobble head make him look almost cartoony. He may not look it either, but he is articulated, sporting basic articulation on the neck, shoulders and waist, but then why would you really want to pose him? he looks better not. The sculpting is fantastic, with a determined expression on his face, the muscles on his torso sculpted almost perfectly from the photo and his pants having folds, wrinkles and creases in them. Paint apps are largely bland, but they work

Not much on the soles of his feet, other than that's where the copyright information and date stamps are. There's no details on the soles of his shoes.

As pop culture figures go, this one is really interesting. He is more of a desk or shelf ornament than an actual proper action figure that could fight alongside your GI Joes or Transformers. I paid £4 for the figure whilst on holiday, but have found examples online for around £5-10.