Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Corgi Thunderbirds Classics Thunderbird 2

The 50th Anniversary of Thunderbirds was in 2015. To celebrate, Corgi have released a series of Thunderbirds vehicles.

The new box for Thunderbird 2 is blue and green. There's a large window where buyers can see Thunderbirds 2 and 4 inside the package. Underneath the window is the Thunderbirds Classics logo.

On the sides of the box, there's pictures of Virgil Tracy and Gordon Tracy, the respective pilots of Thunderbirds 2 and 4. Virgil's picture seems to be that of the 1965 series, as it's the smaller head with the new sculpt, rather than the original 1964 head.

The back of the box is all green, It features 2 bios on Thunderbirds 2 and 4 as compared to their in universe stats and origins, as well as explaining their functions. Corgi have also included some stock photos of Thunderbird 2 on the launch ramp and Thunderbird 4 underwater.

Corgi have done a great job putting the model in new collector friendly packaging. The Virgil side neatly slides open and doesn't have any tape on. The TB2 model sits, sandwiched between 2 plastic trays in a gray sky box, making it look as if TB2 is flying to the danger zone.

So here's Thunderbird 2 out of the plastic tray. I'm not going to lie, it's almost identical to the Matchbox mold from 1992. Corgi have put on some show accurate paint applications on here, now sporting grey windows, grey buttons and a grey release switch. It's a much darker green overall with a brighter yellow paint stripe.

If any of you out there owned the Matchbox Thunderbird 2, you know how it works and operates. Pushing down on the grey buttons on the fuselage make the springloaded legs pop down. The grey switch at the back drops the pod. The pod itself is a very tight squeeze and takes some effort to put the new Thunderbird 4 inside.

Side by side with the Matchbox mold, you can see that they are the same size overall, nearly identical in terms of details. The Only major difference here is the paint applications. Have Corgi gotten their hands on the old Matchbox molds?

Is this a model I would recommend? It depends on the collector. If you're a fan of Thunderbirds, I'd say yes. If you want a more accurate Matchbox toy, then it'd be worth a purchase. If any of you out there want this, it is available through Corgi direct or on many modelling sites, I've seen them going for around £15-20