Sunday, 5 June 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Corgi Thunderbirds Classics FAB 1

Thunderbirds is one of Gerry Anderson's most popular creations and has been watched by millions of people since 1965 and over the course of the last 50 years. It comes as no surprise that when Thunderbirds celebrated it's 50th Anniversary in 2015, Corgi were eager to bring fans new products.

What should have been released in 1965 to coincide with the 50th, Corgi has only just released it's Thunderbirds Classics FAB 1. The box is the same collector friendly window box that was shared with Thunderbird 2. This time, only in pink with blue on the front. The large plastic window shows the FAB 1 die cast car and a background featuring Creighton-Ward Mansion. Underneath that, we have the new THUNDERBIRDS CLASSICS logo and then the name of the vehicle and the new Corgi logo,

The sides of the box feature Lady Penelope on the right hand side, against a blue background. The left hand box edge features Parker in his brown suit, hat under his arm against a pink background. Both sides feature the new logos.

The back of the box is pink and has an in universe technical spec that runs down everything you needed to know about Lady Penelope and FAB 1. There's also a few stock filming photos for FAB 1 on the right hand side.

It comes in the same collector friendly box and tray that Thunderbird 2 came in. This one gives the impression of FAB 1 being parked on the driveway of Creighton Ward Mansion. The print on the box is clear and doesn't appear to be blurred. Some might say the scale is a little off.

Also in the box is a little baggie. Inside are the harpoons for the rear tail lights and the larger rocket for the launcher hidden behind the grille.

If you own any of Corgi's earlier offerings on FAB 1, eagle eyed collectors will recognise this as the controversial 2003 offering, that was part of the CLASSICS line and also the 40th anniversary line. The only differences here are that the Spirit of Ecstasy statue on the grille has been removed and Lady Penelope has been repainted. Instead of wearing all orange, she's now wearing a maroon coat with a white dress. 

Flipping down the grille reveals the spring loaded rocket launcher. Putting a missile in, then pressing down on the bonnet causes it to fire. The four harpoons sit in the back and do look like tail lights until the rear axle is pushed in, then they fire out the back. I purposefully haven't loaded these up, simply because the springs are good on the original and they can be lost.

All in all, it's not a bad mold or toy. It does have it's flaws, such as being based a promotional stunt FAB 1, which featured a larger and more pronounced bubble canopy, rather than the filming models. It does have it;s charms and does look good on a shelf. Though I'm sure many fans would have preferred it if Corgi had created an all new mold based on the filming models and had given us a more accurate FAB 1, rather than just repacking old ones. This model is still widely available for Corgi direct for £20, plus £5 courier shipping. I have seen it slightly cheaper on other stores and eBay.